Lot 22 goes to public display

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The Echo has published a not very accurate article on Lot 22 this week.

Council published its own piece on their website in order to counter a lot of the misinformation that is currently going around. You can read that here:



The Lot 22 proposal will go on public exhibition on October 31st. The exhibition period will run for around six weeks.


This is the time for all supporters to write a letter to council voicing their desire for the project to go ahead. Please send your letters to submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au


The false stories going around need to be countered by facts.

  1. There are lots of other lands that would be more appropriate for affordable housing.

FACT:  Suitable sites are very hard to find and this is one of the very few that meet all the constraints and provide the right outcomes.

  1. The land is flood prone and will be unusable for residential housing.

FACT: Flood mitigation can be managed on this site and council engineers have conducted studies showing it to be usable.

  1. The land is needed for recreational lands and sports fields.

FACT: Council has no desire to use it for sport and recreation. There is already a sports field beside lot 22 that is hardly ever utilised.

  1. This is just another development in disguise and greedy people want to make money from it.

FACT: This is council-owned land and they rightly want to retain ownership of it. Allowing it to be used for low-cost affordable housing was an election issue for them and they want to deliver on that. The community can retain ownership in perpetuity, provide accessible housing and the land lease will provide necessary income for council – not developers.


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