Update on Council rezoning of Lot 22

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A short update rent events to do with Lot 22.

Council’s rejection of the Saddle Road subdivision and the Brunswick Eco Village proposal was unfortunate for local residents hoping to see action on affordable housing. It had the potential of creating 200 affordable dwellings. Many proponents felt that he councillors were not given all the relative information and the decision was made prematurely. The potential residents of the Bruns Eco Village thought it was unfortunate to be lumped in with the wider development proposal. Any future possibilities now need to be included in the future Byron Shire Residential Settlement Strategy. “Future” in Byron Shire is usually a very long way in the future.

Social Habitat Housing’s proposal for Lot 22 is outside of the residential strategy. This means it is now the only viable affordable housing possibility currently on the council’s agenda.

Council is still dealing with the state government in attaining the rezoning. It has been requested to achieve some conditions as part of the Gateway process.

The two main issues are the removal of the land from recreational use, and flooding.


  1. Recreational Use

Council is clear they do not want to maintain the land for recreational (sports field) use. The nearby cricket ground is already severely under utilised and is a negative cost with mowing and maintenance. Council is already draining serious funds from their meagre coffers with the Cavvanbah Sports and Cultural Centre and do not want to repeat the problem.


  1. Flooding

Council is to liaise with the Office of Environment and Heritage and satisfy them that flooding will not increase in the adjoining properties. The issue of flooding in Mullumbimby is serious. Council is now aware that the problem is multi faceted and one of the reasons is the silting up of Saltwater and Kings Creek. The lot 22 proposal has the opportunity of regenerating the run off to the south and east and, if managed properly, could be advantageous to future flooding events.

Other issues include consulting with the Aboriginal Community, assessing acid sulphate soils, and further ecological survey of threatened species. Once council has completed these studies there will be a public exhibition period of 28 days. We will inform you when that will be occurring.

In the meantime, we will be doing our best to keep this agenda item in front of councillors. Please feel free to contact councillors yourself and inform them of your support for the proposal. Councillors email addresses are easily available on the BSC website.



Thanks for your support. We plan to do schedule another public meeting before the end of the year.


Michael Murray

On behalf of SHH

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