Update – and asking “housing crisis stories” please.

Hello everyone,

This is a quick update to let you know we are still here and moving forward.

The council owned land south of Stuart and Byron Streets Mullumbimby is now generally referred to as Lot 22.  People reading the Echo or some of the council updates will be aware that it is under ongoing consideration.

Councillors and staff are still making favourable noises about utilising this land for affordable housing. However, since it is a new proposal, and not a standard development, there are lots of details to be ironed out. Some councillors have slightly variant ideas on how to make it happen, but generally there seems to a consensus that a Land Lease Community/ Manufactured Home Estate would be a good outcome for this site.

We here at Social Habitat Housing are meeting regularly and doing what we can to facilitate Lot 22 becoming a reality. We are currently updating and improving our website. We would like your support if you wish to help make this happen. We think that not everyone is aware of the dire predicament many people are in trying to access basic housing or rental homes. We want to include personal stories on the website so we are asking all of you to take a minute and write back to us with your situation or predicament. It would help to inform people who are against or ambivalent about this project that there are real people out there who need immediate help with housing.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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