Clarifying Council’s agenda wording

Many people were confused by the wording of the agenda item that was unanimously approved at BSC meeting of Thursday 19 April. The wording sounded like it meant that “Affordable Housing” was being excluded and not encouraged. Below is part of a summary of a report to members of the Mullumbimby Masterplan Guidance Group that provides some clarity on why it was worded this way.

  • Council’s process and decision to rezone Lot 22, the subsequent community backlash movement, the recent Echo article and its relevance to overall masterplan?
    • A planning proposal has been submitted to rezone the lot to a new R1 residential zone with an emphasis on affordable housing.
    • The Department have given preliminary feedback indicating they are not supporting the rezoning at this stage because Byron LGA is not listed in SEPP 70 (Affordable Housing) but that Council may still decide to press forward to request a Gateway determination from the Minister as the affordable housing principles that would apply to the site are essential.

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